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Messages Regarding Demonic Attacks

Prior to entering into full communion with the Catholic Church, the visionary had never experienced demonic manifestations and attacks.  This changed on April 11, 2017 – the Tuesday before she was to enter the Church on Easter Vigil, April 15, 2017.  On that Tuesday, she began to experience a spiritual attack which she understood was an attempt to prevent her from entering the Catholic Church.  This spiritual attack was to be the first of many that the visionary would experience.  Since entering the Church, she has experienced countless physical and audible manifestations of demons and demonic activity.  Many of these demonic attacks have been witnessed and experienced by others (including priests).  After a recent severe demonic attack in which demons influenced the visionary to act in such a way that the messages could potentially be discredited, the visionary sought the counsel of a priest and bishop immediately afterwards who confirmed the deception as demonic and gave assurance that the messages were authentic and of God.  Following these spiritual attacks, Christ, as well as the Blessed Mother and other saints and angels have brought messages of comfort and consolation, explaining that these attacks are allowed as a way of drawing the visionary into complete spiritual abandonment to Christ and His will.

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