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Messages from Angels, Saints, & Our Lord

Since the age of five years old, the visionary has had mystical gifts, including the gift of spiritual sight.  This includes seeing angelic/spiritual beings.  The visionary's guardian angel has provided her guidance and direction throughout her life.  As a child, her angel taught her prayers and verses about God and His love, and directed her always to prayer and to love of others. 

The visionary did not grow up as a Catholic; however, she was finally led to the Catholic Church by Divine Providence in 2016 at the age of 63.  She enrolled in RCIA in the Fall of 2016 and entered into full communion with the Catholic Church on April 15, 2017.  Prior to this she had seen but never received a message from any other heavenly being other than her guardian angel.  However, following the initial Mystical Rose message on May 5, 2017, other angels, saints, and even Our Lord Jesus Christ have brought messages to the visionary.  These messages are found in this section.  NOTE:  Messages specifically regarding warnings for the Church are not in this section but are instead located here.

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