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St. Nathaniel

September 23, 2018

Denton Public Library- South Branch


Note: This message was received in an unexpected place, in the Denton Public Library.  The visionary was driving in town and was prompted to go someplace quiet because someone wanted to meet her.  As she received this prompting, she was passing by the South Branch of the Denton Public Library.  She felt that this would be a quiet place where she could pray and be at peace, so she stopped and went inside.  She then found an empty table and chair near the back and began to read and pray.  Here are her notes:

Visionary’s notes: I was sitting at a table in the library, in the back of the library by myself.  There was a chair to my right that was empty.  I had gone into the library because when I was driving by it, my guardian angel told me someone wanted to meet me.  I was reading and looked up and was startled to see someone sitting in the chair to my right.  He wasn’t dressed in modern-day dress, but looked more like the apostles that I have seen in the manner of his dress.  He smiled at me—a very nice smile.  I said, “And you are?”  He said, “Why, Nathaniel, of course.”

Here are the words of St. Nathaniel:


There is really so much more to the story of my first encounter with Jesus.  Philip of course came to tell me about finding Jesus, and told me to “come and see.”  But of course I was skeptical, and I asked whether anything good could come from Nazareth.  When I got up and went to see, and Jesus saw me coming, he said that I was an Israelite in whom there was no deceit.  Did you think that was a compliment?  Well not exactly.  The word used is a Greek word, dolos, and it means deceit or crafty.  It was actually a clever play on words (Jesus was really good at that as I would come to realize).  But it was a play on the name Jacob which is Hebrew and means deceiver or crafty.  What Jesus was actually saying is that I might be an Israelite by birth, but not spiritually, because of my doubt that anything good could come from Nazareth.  He asked me, although this didn’t get recorded, “do you doubt the words of the prophet Zechariah?”  He said this because Zechariah had said that “I will bring my servant the shoot,” and Nazareth is a Hebrew word that means root or branch or shoot.  And then Zechariah continues, “Oh that day, says the Lord of hosts, you will invite one another under your vines and fig trees.”  And of course he told me he had seen me under the fig tree, and indeed that’s where I was, so it couldn’t get much clearer.  I knew at that moment He was indeed the Son of God and the King of Israel.  Also, he told me that I was going to see more amazing signs than him seeing me under a fig tree.  He told me that I would see angels ascending and descending, which of course was to remind me of Jacob’s ladder and that He was the Messiah that the prophets had told about.  So then I was indeed a true Israelite with no deceit because I was no longer fooled.  I knew the truth.

I was someone who was very learned in the writings of the prophets so Jesus met me in the way I would understand.  As He does with each of us.  That’s why you can’t orchestrate a perfect way for someone to encounter Jesus.  Jesus has to do that.  Because He knows what they would understand.

The years on earth with Jesus were amazing, that’s for sure, but also difficult.  Matthew talked about Simon not particularly liking him.  Well believe me, any time Jesus went off to pray and be alone, the arguments would start.  Judas in particular had a problem with me.  But in the end, he should have worried about who he was listening to because it certainly wasn’t Jesus, and you know how that ended up.  But we had a lot of discord at times between us.  Jesus admonished us to love our enemies, but at times we couldn’t even love our friends.  But the thing about being with Jesus – if you don’t learn anything else, you will learn to love.  Because He is love. 

One thing I want to tell you is how precious each day is.  Don’t take anything for granted, and don’t fill your days with useless things, even if they may seem beneficial in some small way, because once Christ calls you, every single minute of every single day must be about Him and what He is teaching you.  And every single step must be on this path.  There is absolutely no time for alternate routes.  Jesus has called you!  Do you understand what that means?  Would you spend your days gathering rocks and ignore the piles of gold? 

I began my journey with Jesus wondering what He was going to give to me.  I finished my earthy journey wanting to know what all I could give to Him.  My life was such a small thing – but I gave it gladly.  Today, this minute, if it’s not about Him, and totally about Him, then you are doing something wrong.  You have been called to walk with Jesus!  He had a lot to say about people who started out and then found the cost too great and returned to the beginning.  Don’t you understand?  He is worth everything!

Once I asked Him if there was anything I could do for Him.  We had walked a lot that day, and there had been many people following us, and He had talked and talked and had comforted and healed all along the way.  He answered me, “Feed my sheep.”  This wasn’t the first time He had said that.  But I replied, “But Lord, what can I do for you personally?”  He replied, “Feed my sheep.”  And that’s what you can do for Him personally.  I can tell you, though, that you will not be able to feed His sheep unless you sit with Him and really get to know Him.  Otherwise you will have no idea how to meet the needs of His sheep.

And before I leave, allow me to say a few words about Jesus’ mother.  Oh my!  How do I even begin to describe her?  Of course she loved Him!  He was her Son!  But that doesn’t even begin to describe how she loved Him!  And the thing is, she wanted us to love Him like that too.  She would say to us, “Don’t you see?  Don’t you know who it is that sits among you?”  She was our Mother too.  As she is now your Mother.  Knowing her is to love her.  And knowing her is to love her Son.  And knowing her Son, you cannot help but love His Mother. 

I have enjoyed talking to you.  See the clouds gathering outside.  A storm is coming.  But remember, it’s safe in the boat with Him. 

You know, I saw him on the Sea of Galilee after the resurrection.  Oh the stories I could tell you!  But I will leave you with this.  He did rise, and He is with you! 

Don’t miss a minute!  Spend time with Him!  He is everything!

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