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Words of Christ

June 9, 2019

St. Mark Chapel



I have looked out upon the world, and I have sought you out from the nooks and crannies where you have gone to rest.  But you are not people of the hidden places.  For I have called you to a marvelous work.  I have given you the beauty of My creation, and I have covered you in mercy and in grace.  But now I have called you forth for My people are perishing.  You sit beneath the blue clouds and in the soft breeze, and you proclaim all is fine, and you seek comfort in your homes and all the hidden places that you love.  But I have sought you, and I have called you.  For in the distance is the sound of thunder, and the storm draws nigh.  I have sent My Mother throughout time to place her words on the earth and draw men unto Myself. But her words are tucked away and not heeded.  Mankind perishes for lack of a crumb of bread, and yet you have bread aplenty in the words you hold, but these too are hidden.  I have sought you, and I have called you.  Come out of your hidden places and stand in the marketplace and in the street and cry repentance to the people.  But hide not the treasures that you hold from those who cry out for a crumb of bread.  But to those who would devour the bread and then turn to attack you give no bread.  For they count these treasures as worthless things. 

My Church is overrun by wolves.  My hand moves to cleanse My Church and to remove the wolves from the halls.  I have called you forth to receive messages from heaven, and to cry out a warning to those who have made My halls unholy.  The time draws near when the wolves will begin to fall, and they will run frantically in an attempt to save one another, but they cannot escape My hand.  Come forth and stand tall.  Speak boldly.  I have called you to speak My truth and My Mother’s words to the world.  Do not hesitate.

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