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Words of Christ

August 9, 2019



You are not lost.

I know exactly where you are.

You have never been outside My gaze. 

Oh my child, in the midst of your tears and your broken heart,

Do you not see what I am doing?

I am allowing all to be taken away that has kept you from Me

So that there will no longer be any distance between us.

What have you clung to in the past?

What has diverted you from Me?

These things I allow to be taken away because I want no distance between us.

You have given much, but still you have clung to things that you have thought yours–

Your memory, your intentions, your plans.


But so that you may see that nothing is really yours,

I have allowed the fallen to take these things.

They take what you carry that was never yours to carry.

Once it is all given to Me, there will be nothing else they can take.


Do not weep, My child.

It is because I love you that I call you to suffer

Because it is thus that you will be pulled into My heart.

From where comes your fear?

You are Mine, and you are not lost.

The fallen attack you because you are Mine.

Wear this as a badge of honor. 


The battle intensifies,

And only those who have counted the cost and have offered all will stand.


You are Mine.

I have called you,

And I have shown you what still you hold that you did not see

By allowing it to be borrowed from you in increments.

Now you have seen that it was never yours to keep

Since it could be so easily taken.


Now tonight you have offered all,

And there is no distance between us.

Oh was it not worth the suffering to dwell with Me?


You are not lost.

I know where you are.

You are safe within My Heart.

And though in your lack of abandonment

You have provided access to the fallen,

This I have allowed

That you might be truly Mine.

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