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Words of Mary

September 8, 2019




The world is tainted with sin.

Where there should be light, there is darkness.

Where there should be holiness, there is wickedness.

Where there should be truth, there is error.

Men’s souls are tormented for they have a memory of light, of holiness and of truth,

For they have been created in the image of God,

But the fallen tell men, “Those are false memories, for you have always been children of the dark.”


But I am sent that men might remember.

For I was born with no darkness in my soul,

And, therefore, my light is uncorrupted and pure.

Seeing me and hearing my words, man remembers that light he has known,

Though it now burns dim in his soul.

I illuminate the path for him, and the fallen flee,

And the darkness is made light.

The night I was born, the world was brighter

Because I was sent to provide a place for the light of the world,

And He could not abide in darkness.

Therefore, I was born into light.

The Holy Trinity bathed my bed in light,

And the angels praised God in that light,

And in their praise to God, holy light fell upon me like raindrops.

The world is dark, and men’s souls have forgotten the light,

But I am here among you,

And I testify of the great light that dispels all darkness.

My birth brought light at the dawn of salvation,

For I was the foreshadowing of the light and the love of my Son,

And now in Him is the fullness of light and the fullness of love,

And now is the day of your salvation in Him.

I disperse what my Son gives.

I am the mediator of His gifts.

It is the Son who brings the gifts,

But as God shared in being human with man,

I provided a cradle for this gift by becoming the Mother of God,

And I share this gift of My Son with man.

I was called to be His Mother,

And in this calling,

I also became your Mother.

I am also the Mother of His Church.

You are baptized and united unto the Body of Christ,

And I am the Mother of all members of His Church,

So, therefore, I am the Mother of His Church.

For in giving birth to my Son, I gave birth to each of you.

I held only my Son in my arms at His birth,

But if you have come unto my Son,

Then where He is are you also,

And, therefore, I hold you, and I am your Mother.

I was there when the Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost,

And I was witness to the birth of His Church,

And I am the spiritual Mother of the Church.

The fallen now attack the Church,

And I cry out to my children to listen to my words,

For my words dispel darkness.

For in my words the path to my Son is illuminated,

And He is the source of all light.

My children, return to me and sit at my knee,

And remember the truths you were taught as a child.

Depart not from these truths. 

For a great light has come into the world,

And in this light is all truth,

And the darkness is made light in Him.

Heed my words,

For there is much calamity to come if men continue to walk in the dark.

But look to your Mother.

For I was born into light to prepare a cradle for the Light of the World,

And I will illuminate the path to Him if you will take my hand.

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