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Words of Mary

June 8, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon Chapel


Again and again, I have spoken to you of the things that are coming.  I have pleaded with you to repent and to return to the Lord.  Do you not see the infiltration of the Devil into His Holy Church of which you have been warned?  Do you not see the oppression of His priests even to the point that they leave His service?  Again and again, I have pleaded for you.  Again and again, I have asked that His mercy cover you.  But the day of justice is at hand. 


If you will but run to  me, I will again plead for you.  Turn to my Immaculate Heart, and pray the Rosary daily.  Sacrifice yourself for sinners, and say this prayer I have given you, “O my Jesus, it is for love of you, and in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and for the conversion of poor sinners.”  Offer all to Him, and tell the world that I have come again and again with words to direct them to Him.  They know me not and heed not my words, and therefore they do not know Him. 


The Devil is a master of deception.  He will cloud the minds of men so that they see no harm in the things that are most deadly.  And they will trample what is holy underfoot.  Pray that all nations will listen to my words and that the deceit of the Devil will be made manifest.  For the sorrow that is in store for mankind is great if men do not listen and respond to my words. 


But I have given you my heart, and if you will but behold your Mother’s heart, I will again make intercession for you.  Behold my heart.  It is pierced with thorns because of the ingratitude of man.  Make known to the world that my heart is pierced because men know me not and heed not my words.  But if men will embrace devotion to my Immaculate Heart, I will be their refuge.  Listen to my words, and cast them not aside.

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