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Guardian Angel

September 7, 2019



If men were asked what holds the universe together, they would likely answer, “gravity.” 

But did you know that all of the mass of all of the matter in the universe would not be enough to provide the gravity needed to hold the universe together?

So men come up with theories to explain why everything is so balanced that both tiny molecules and giant galaxies remain intact, thereby providing a universe in which man can exist.

But did you know that there is something that is more integral to the existence of man than gravity?

It is truth.


The world is in turmoil, and man bows before creation and pays homage to things he believes will hold the universe together and keep it functioning efficiently.

And truth, which is seen as outdated and ineffective, is cast aside.

But be aware of this.

If truth is pushed aside, the result will be more calamitous than a universe without gravity.

For God can hold a universe together without gravity.

But a universe without truth is a universe without God, and therefore it could not exist at all.

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