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St. Nathaniel

February 7, 2020

Our Lady of Lebanon Adoration Chapel


There is the smell of carnage in the hills of the Lord,

And a cry goes out which is the call for an accounting from the shepherds,

But there is no reply.

For the shepherds have become wolves,

And they hide in the caves in the hills

For they are responsible for the carnage,

And therefore hide from the righteous wrath of the Lord.

But the Lord walks among His sheep

And observes every wound,

And His righteous indignation grows,

And the hills shake from the thunder in His voice.

But the Lord will not leave His sheep wounded and in the dark.

He calls to shepherds in other pastures to pour more oil into their lamps

So that their light may illuminate even the far pastures where the sheep are wounded,

And the wolves may be found in the caves where they have hidden themselves

And brought forth to face the great and terrible day of the Lord.

But if the shepherds in the far pastures hear not this call

And fail to add more oil to their lamps,

Then the wolves will remain in the caves,

Sneaking forth at night to further wound the sheep,

And the sheep will perish.

Oh shepherds, listen,

For the Lord has called to you,

And now is the time to add more oil to your lamps

So that the wolves will be able to hide no more

And will be illuminated in their sin

So that they might be exposed and cast out of the pastures.

The Lord walks among His sheep

And observes their wounds, and weeps.

And He moves in righteous anger to clean His pastures and restore His sheep.

Oh bishops, add oil to your lamps and lift them high

For now is the great and terrible day of the Lord.

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