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Words of Christ

February 7, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon Chapel

The silence of My people is deafening.

I look upon the world and ask,

“Where are My people?”

And I hear no answer,

For the cries of the children drown out their response.

I have met you on the mountain,

I have given you My laws,

But I find you now dancing around the golden calf.

You have abandoned My precepts.

You have ignored My warnings.

You have cut My law into bite-size pieces

And have discarded the parts you did not want to eat.

You have found evil to be more palatable than My words

For your hearts are dark,

And My words stick in your throat.

I have called to My Church,

“Where are the shepherds I have called?”

And I have found them cavorting in the fields with the wolves.

My sheep are crying,

They are cold and unfed,

But the shepherds tend them not,

But instead lay out feasts for the wolves.

My people are forlorn.

They cry, “Lord, why have you forsaken me?”

But I answer, “I have not forsaken you. 

I have placed shepherds in your midst to care for you.”

But my people cry, “We cannot find the shepherds among the wolves

For they have donned the same attire.”

My children, where are your voices of attestation?

Who among you proclaims the goodness of the Lord?

Again and again I have pulled you from the mire.

I have brought you to higher ground to abide with Me.

But again and again you have returned to the pit,

And each time the pit has become deeper

Until you can no longer see My face.

Oh how I have sorrowed for your transgressions against Me.

You have become an abomination before Me.

How long will I render mercy and have it refused

Before I call forth justice upon the world?

I look upon the world,

And I listen for the voice of My Church

Calling My people to repentance,

But I hear not their voices,

But instead hear only the cries of the children

And the howling of the wolves. 

I have cried, “Oh my children, My sorrow for you is great.  I desire your hearts.

I will make them pure and bring you unto Myself if you will abandon your evil ways.”

But the people give half-hearted responses to my call.

There is silence throughout the land.

The people hear not the call of the Lord,

And the children cry,

And the wolves’ howls grow ever louder. 

Today I look upon the world,

And I weep,

For My children have forgotten their first love.

My hand begins to move

For I am merciful but I am also just,

And therefore My hand moves to bring justice upon the world. 

But My Mother cries,

“Oh you have given me these children so that I might be their mother.

Bring not your punishment upon them.

For I have given them my words, and you have blessed my words,

And my words will change the world.”

But I answer My Mother with these words:

“Where indeed are your words?

For I gaze upon the world, and I see them not.

I gaze upon My Church,

And they hold them not in their hands.”

But My Mother pleads for the world,

And in love for her I give mercy to My children.

But the cries of the babies become louder,

And My Mother weeps for she sees they are motherless,

And she says to them,

“Do not weep.  For I will be your Mother.”

Where then in all the world are the righteous?

Where are the ones who have heard My voice,

And have been called to feed My sheep?

How long shall My patience be required?

How long will justice wait?

How long before My Church steps forward

And lifts the banner I have placed in Her hands?

Where are the messages from My Mother?

In all the world I find them not.

And the babies cry,

And the wolves howl,

And souls grow dark.

Where are My people

Who I have called?

Today I look upon the world.

Today I weep for My children.

I cry to them,

“I am the Lord your God.

Turn not from Me.

I have formed you, and I have loved you,

And I have called you unto Myself.”

Today I cry for My people to abandon their silence

And speak out regarding the ways of the Lord.

Shout from the mountaintops.

Blow a trumpet on the rooftops. 

Proclaim the Lord your God is merciful,

But He is also just,

And warn My people!

Today, this moment, this hour,

Break the silence.

Be the voice of comfort where My people are wounded.

Be the voice of accounting where My people trespass My laws.

Be the voice of reconciliation where My people are discordant. 

Be the voice of love where My people hate.

Be the voice of devotion where My people are distracted.

Be the voice of holiness where My people dance in the devil’s hall.

For I have called you by name.

I have placed My mark upon your heart.

Where are you among the crowds?

Why is your voice not discernible among the clamor?

I call My Church to repentance. 

I call My people to don sackcloth and ashes,

And cry to the people,

“The Lord your God is a jealous God.

He will not always strive with you and your children.

The time to listen is now.”

This day, this moment, this hour,

Break the silence. 

Bring forth My Mother’s words.

Destroy the golden calf,

And bring the people to My altar.

There I will meet them,

And they will be redeemed.

The cries of the babies are loud upon the world.

The voices of My people are silent.

The wolves prowl inside My Church.

And the fabric of the world is rent in two.

All who have ears behold the words of the Lord!

For I will cleanse My Church

And purge it of all evil.

The wolves will be ensnared in the traps they themselves have created,

And My Church will stand before Me

As a bride of virtue and holiness.

And over all the earth will arise a sound of praise and adoration,

And the babies will sleep in peace in their mother’s wombs,

And My sheep will graze unafraid in my fields,

For the shepherds will stand watch,

And the wolves will not prevail.

All who have ears, listen!

I have spoken!

I have sent My words into the silence!

Where then is your response?

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