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Words of Mary

November 6, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon Chapel

I look upon my Son’s Church,
And I weep for my children.
I, who am your Mother, hear the cries of the sheep who feel they have been orphaned,
For the shepherds have forsaken them.
But, my children, you are not orphaned.
Come to me, and I will place you in the folds of my mantle,
And there you will be protected as the storm rages in the Church.
But I call you also, my children, to prayer and penance, and to fasting and reparation.
For the tribulation has begun.
Worry not, though, that there is not room for you under my mantle.
For it can indeed cover all my children.
For my Son has blessed its folds, and He has called me Mother,

And He has asked me to be your Mother also.
My children, you will go forth, and you will do battle for the Church.
But when you are wounded, I will enfold you in my mantle, and there will you be healed.
My Son has called you to be warriors, but oh look what He has done.
He has given you a Mother with a mantle of countless folds, and there will warriors find refuge and rest.
My children, follow Jesus as I did by being open to God, and then will you have the protection of His Mother.
And look, my children, at my mantle.
For indeed there is room for you within its folds.

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