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St. Nathaniel

November 6, 2018

Loreto House Pregnancy Resource Center Adoration Chapel

Denton, TX


This choice would not be so difficult if you really knew Him,

If you had sat in His presence and listened.

Thinking you can sit in His presence and not be changed

Is like thinking you can sit in a rain storm and not get wet.

It is impossible.


To know Him is to be changed.

This choice that has been presented to you in the form of this calling

Will not be difficult at all if you really get to know Him,

If you sit with Him daily and listen to Him.

Right now you are removing your socks and shoes in anticipation of wading in puddles,

But you have not noticed the tidal wave that is heading your way.


John will be coming in the next few days, and he’s the one to talk to about a calling.

The others, including me, knew Him --

We had sat often in His presence and listened to Him speak,

And we had made our choice, or so we thought.

But that was our Lord they had arrested!

And they were going to kill Him!

And one by one, we ran away.  But not John.

John could not leave because he knew Him better than any of us did.

He had been so changed by His presence that he was unable to move away from Him.

That’s where you will need to be before the tidal wave reaches you.

What you are called to does not allow dabbling.

It is a rain storm, and you will be drenched.


But oh, do you know what this wave is that is approaching?

Do you see to what you are being called?

After Jesus died, we were a forlorn group.

We had heard the things He had said about what would happen,

But still we were worried.

You might be worried too, and a little unsure about what is coming.

But sit with Him.  Listen to Him. 

Because you are going to be asked to give a testimony of these things,

And how can you talk about Him if you don’t really know Him?


His Mother is among you.

She will help you to know Him.

Learn of her.

The time for the choice is now.

This is not a calling that will allow you to wade in puddles.

If that’s what you think then you will probably not want to sign up for this.

But you have been called.  Make no mistake of that.

And if you walk away, you must know what you are walking away from.

But sit with Him.  Get to know Him.

Then the choice will not be difficult at all.

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