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Words of Christ

July 6, 2019


I call you to go forth as lights in the darkness.  The darkness hates truth, and so shall those in the darkness hate the bearers of truth.  But I call you to speak truth always and to illuminate the darkness.

I call you to go forth to those who suffer.  The fallen love pain and misery and attempt to use these things to turn people away from Me.  But I call you to proclaim the victory of My cross to the world.

I have given My apostles power to cure sickness and to cast out demons in My Name.  And when these things are accomplished and people ask by what means did these things occur, you must proclaim it is by the name of Jesus Christ.  And to those who are called to suffer, help them to see the beauty of the cross in drawing men unto Me.

I call you to go forth and wipe the tears of those who cry, to rejoice with those who are filled with joy, and to love all men.

I call you to go forth and seek out those who know My heart and who hunger for Me.  They open their hands to receive crumbs from the Master’s table.  Tell them I have sent My Mother, and she carries food for all in her words, for they have been blessed and sent forth by Me.

I call you to go forth to My Church.  Go to the ones who proclaim truth to deaf ears.  Place My words and the words of My Mother in their hands.  I will give you the names, and then you must go forth.  The need is great, for these men whom I have called grow weary.

I call you to go forth in holiness, and to proclaim My call to holiness to My people.  I am the source of holiness, and therefore My people shall enter into communion with Me, and thus will they be made holy.

I call you to go forth, for the need is great.  Do not tarry.  Men perish for want of a crumb of bread, and you have been given bread aplenty.  Take it forth.

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