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Words of Mary

February 6, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon Chapel

The cries of the infants have reached my ears

And have wounded my mother’s heart

For they cry for their mothers, 

And they cannot be found.

The devil has hidden from their mothers’ hearts

The blessing of life which God has given,

And he has offered them worldly baubles in exchange.

The devil whispers in their ears,

“Do not accept this path.  There is suffering.  Enjoy your days in earthly pursuits. 

For no one has the right to give you counsel.” 
But God whispers in their ears,

“My daughters, accept my cross.  There will be suffering but also joy immeasurable. 

For I have formed you and I know you.  Heed my counsel for you are mine.”

Oh my children,

How long will the Lord strive with you

And how long will His patience endure?

The fabric of the world is rent

And cannot be repaired

As long as His gift of life is refused.

I will speak to the hearts of those in His Church

Who are called to listen and carry forth my words,

But oh children you must step forward in courage

And speak for those who have no voice.

Testify of Him and His great mercy,

Testify of Him and His great love,

But also proclaim a warning,

For justice demands an answer,

And the answer will be devastation

If this warning is not heeded.

Pray always for His mercy.

Seek always His grace.

But your voices must not be silent.

Proclaim to the world that the hand of the Lord shall not be stayed much longer.

The infants cry for their mothers,

But their mothers cannot be found.

The infants are carried by the angels to the Father’s arms,

And the angels sing them lullabies,

And the Father calls to the mothers

To be restored unto Him.

But woe to those who separate these infants from their mothers,

And woe to those who placate the world

With their words of concession and acquiescence.

And in the midst of this calamity,

Where is the voice of His Church?

The Church appears bruised and broken

By the sins of Her shepherds,

But the Lord will cleanse His Church

And heal her wounds,

And her voice will be heard.

My children, do not miss the signs

That show the movement of the mighty hand of God,

For His hand will not be stayed forever.

The Lord cries to His Church,

“Where is the banner I gave you to carry?

Where are the shepherds I put into place to protect My sheep?”

The Lord cries out to His Church.

What will be the response of the shepherds who are the protectors of the sheep?

For the world heeds not the voice of shepherds

Who would harm the sheep.

The Lord watches and waits

In mercy and love,

But His hand begins to move.

He will not pardon the silence of the shepherds.

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