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Words of Christ

April 5, 2018

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church- Adoration Chapel

Denton, TX

You have now abandoned all for Me,

And I will be all in you, and you will be full.

Breathe in My presence, and as you do,

Feel all the pieces of your life move back into total alignment.

There must now be no misplaced pieces,

Nothing that is out of alignment, and nothing that does not belong.

You are Mine. 

I have called you. 

There are no dual citizenships here –

Your citizenship is in the place where I have placed you.

Relinquish all others.

The world clamors for your attention. 

The world demands a slot in your life,

But you must tell them that all slots in your life are occupied by Me. 

You have had moments of panic

Because you again felt you were in an unfamiliar place,

But this is a final ploy of the fallen

For never have you been in a more familiar place,

And there is a fence around this place that they cannot scale.

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