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St Nathaniel

December 4, 2019



The hand of the Lord moves, but not in accordance with the will of man.

So you think He has been silent too long or that He is too slow to move?

The Lord’s timing is never off.

But do not grow complacent.

Be as watchmen on the tower.

But be not on edge, anxious and restless.

Be as watchmen who are secure in their calling,

Who have confidence that they were placed in their position by the Lord,

And that He will keep them safe on their tower.

And there on the tower, listen and watch, and cry to the people,

“Look there! See what is gathering!

Repent and turn to the Lord that you be not caught unaware.”

But after having called out your warning, have peace,

For you have been called to this day,

And are well prepared to weather the storm.

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