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The full message #4 from the Mystical Rose, received 9/30/17 at 8pm, outside St Mark Catholic Church, Argyle/Denton, TX:


Behold the Mystical Rose.

I bring the fourth message.

The arm of the Lord grows heavy

As attacks continue against the sanctity of life.

His justice demands consequences.

The Lord is the author of all life.

His love and Divine Plan are evident in every life.

Man attempts to interfere in His Divine Plan.

This will cause His certain and swift judgment to flow.

A sign appears on the horizon

As another country which denies the faith

Moves to do Satan’s bidding.

A warning will appear,

Near but not too near.

If the warning is not heeded,

Great will be the sorrow.

But I bring you a message of hope.

The misfortunes can be avoided

If mankind ceases from offending God.

I come to bring to your understanding

The pathway to peace.

In order to avoid God’s punishment and invoke His mercy,

The faithful must do the following:

1) Abandon sin and make reparation to God

2) Pray for sinners

3) Pray the Rosary every day including the Rosary prayer from Fatima

4) Renew devotion to my Immaculate Heart

5) Pray the Sanctity of Life prayer every Sunday from July through October

6) Become an advocate for the marginalized in society – the refugee, the migrant, the poor, the mentally ill and those with special needs

7) Go to the places where life is destroyed and call the angels to place a barrier around the place to protect the sanctity of life. Pray this prayer at each place:

“I humbly implore you

St Michael the archangel

And all the angels of God

To erect a spiritual barrier

Around this place

So that this place may become

A place where life is protected, not destroyed,

Loved, not hated,

Supported, not impeded.

Oh loving angels

We pray that you will

Uphold this barrier

And not allow any man to remove it.

We ask that you will protect this place

And each life therein

From Satan and all the evil spirits,

By the power of God. Amen.”

8) I ask the Church to set aside February as a month to celebrate those with special needs, and to follow the instructions I have given for the month.


I have repeated instructions in this message to emphasize the importance of what I am asking. The world begins to unravel. These things will knit the world back together.


The hearts of man grow cold.

They have sealed their hearts against the Word of the Lord

I come with compassion and mercy to melt the seals

And to open their hearts to my Son.

My daughter, you will suffer much,

But God will be your comfort.

Offer yourself to God for sinners.

Receive all sufferings that He brings.

Know that I am near

And that I intercede for you always.


The six of you are called

To abandon the desires of your hearts

And take in their place

The desires of my heart and my Son’s.

Take these messages to the Church.

Tell them I have brought these messages

Because of my love and compassion for mankind.

I ask that these messages be heeded

So that mankind may avoid the things that await

If this path is continued.


Come on the 30th of each month for the next three months

At the same time and at the same place.

I will heal those who it is His plan to heal.

Bring them forth.

Take my love song to the world.

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