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The full message #5 from the Mystical Rose, received 10/30/17 at 8pm, outside St Mark Catholic Church, Argyle/Denton, TX:


Behold the Mystical Rose

I bring the fifth message.

The world is caught in a storm,

And souls are being tossed on the waves.

Finding no lifeboat, they begin to sink under the water.

Go forth to the world and direct my children back to my Son.

Souls are perishing,

There is the sound of weeping,

Do not tarry. Every soul is precious.

Do not walk past one and say, “Not that one.”

Yes, that one; yes, every one.

You are called to evangelize, my children.

Give up the desires of your heart,

And pick up His cross.

Proclaim the name of the Lord.

When you walk into the valley be not afraid

For His holy angels will guide your steps.

Cry out to those who do not know the truth,

And cry to those who have known the truth but have lost their way.

Be a beacon to illuminate their path.

The world is looking in the wrong direction.

Direct them to my beloved Son.

See His arms open wide.

See His wounds.

This is how He loves every soul.

My heart is breaking over the sins of my children.

Man believes he has the right to control life and death,

But he does not have this right.

Creation belongs to God alone,

And His creative process continues throughout that life.

The coming days will bring uncertainty.

People will ask,

“Why are these things happening?” and

“To whom should we turn?”

You must tell them that in a world that does not honor the sanctity of life

Justice will demand an accounting,

And when the world is found wanting

Then punishment will be swift.

But do not despair, my children.

Your help is in the Lord.

Those who have come before

Will make your path straight by following their example.

Saints light the way,

And the blood of the martyrs cries out to the Lord on your behalf.

Honor the Saints –

They have navigated this earthly path

And obtained their reward.

Their faith adds substance to yours.

Petition them for their intercession.

The Lord looks with favor on the intercession of the Saints.

And forget not those who have died in grace and await purification.

Look on them with compassion and love,

And pray for their release.

Do not be distraught at those who will attempt to distort these messages

Or make them of naught.

These words are spoken from my Immaculate Heart

And in accordance with the will of my Son.

They will remain unchanged.

Do not fret about those who wish to see a sign.

There will be signs aplenty for those who are able to see His works.

These messages are like precious gems

That must be mined by prayer

And polished with action.

Do not say "this message is not for me."

It is for each of you, my children,

And you must carry it forth.

Take these messages to the Church,

And tell them I desire that it be taken to the world

That my children may be comforted In the midst of the trials to come.

My children, cry repentance –

Pray the Rosary daily for peace in the world.

My daughter,

You will continue to suffer much.

Offer yourself for sinners without reservation.

God will give what He wills.

Your part is obedience.

My children, pray pray pray.

I come again on November 30th.

Have all those come forward who desire to be healed.

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