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The full message #6 from the Mystical Rose, received 11/30/17 at 8pm, outside St Mark Catholic Church, Argyle/Denton, TX:


Behold the Mystical Rose.

I bring you the 6th message.

My heart overflows for you tonight, my children.

I offer you my love and my compassion.

The world grows weary as it seeks for an answer to the hopelessness,

But the answer is not found where it is sought.

It is found only in the arms of my Son.

My Immaculate Heart is your refuge

And points you to Him.

The messages I bring are about the sanctity of life

And the inherent value of every soul.

This love song must go forth

To every heart.

Because of my compassion,

I have issued warnings so that it will not take you unaware

If these messages are not heeded

And these things come to pass.

Heed these messages so that you may avoid the swift justice of the Lord

And rest instead in His boundless mercy.

My messages go forth to the world when it is in turmoil.

Such is the time now.

Do not ignore the signs.

Do not ignore the messages.

Let my words flow over you,

And penetrate your heart.

I give you a prayer

That will be to the glory of God

And bring you into alignment with His will

So that you will be ready to take this love song to the world.


“Oh God, my Savior,

Your mercy surrounds me.

Your loving kindness envelops me.

I cannot step out of your presence;

It encompasses me.

I find my hope in you.

I exalt you, Oh Lord.

Your compassion is proclaimed

By your Holy Angels,

And spoken of even by those who wish to set a snare for me

And hide your face from me.

But they cannot hide you from me

For my soul yearns for you,

And flees to your arms

And dwells in your embrace.

You alone are my resting place.

Help me, Oh God,

To show your goodness and love to the world,

To see no path but yours,

To sing the love song you have put in my heart,

And to honor you throughout my life.

I rejoice in you.

I exalt you.

I give myself to you.

I bow in humility and awe before you,

Oh Lord my God.

The Lord is mighty.

He reigns forever.

His words will be on every lip,

And his love in every heart.

Praise His name.”


Sing this love song to the marginalized –

To those who have nowhere to rest their heads,

To those who have no bread to eat,

To those who are strangers in a foreign land,

To those who have lost all hope.


Sing this love song to the outcasts –

To those who are excluded because of disabilities,

To those who are left behind because they cannot keep pace,

To those who walk alone because no one accompanies their journey,

To those who have lost all hope.


Sing this song to those who hunger for God –

To those who seek but cannot find,

To those who were found and lost their way,

To those who doubt and waver without sight,

To those who have lost all hope.


I am your merciful Mother.

I will not forsake you.

I invite you to come to me,

And I will provide you

Love and protection.

Take this message to the Church.

I desire this love song to go to all who have ears,

But it cannot reach them without being sung,

So it must be allowed to go forward.

This place shall henceforward be known

As a place of comfort and healing.

I come to alleviate suffering.

Do not restrict the journey

Of those who have been called forth

Who are to receive my healing touch.

My daughter, continue to suffer for the conversion of sinners.

Accept all that is given,

And offer your obedience to Him in prayer.

In the next month, Signs will be shown

To serve as testimony

To the truth of these messages.

There will be those who will try to obstruct this path.

Their efforts will come to naught.

You six will be given preparation and a sign to mark your path,

And so that you may know how to chart this course

In obedience to Him.

I come again next month.

Before I come, stand and be amazed.


Bring those forth for healing.

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