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The full message #1 from the Mystical Rose, received 6/30/17 at 6pm, inside the chapel of St Mark Catholic Church, Argyle/Denton, TX:


Listen and know that I am the Mystical Rose

And that I bring you a message of the Sanctity of Life.


Man debates life—where it starts, where it ends

And who has the right to decide its parameters.

Man picks it apart

Birth, death, life—into individual parts,

But it is not separate parts,

It is life, and it is sacred.

How can mankind decide about life

When he did not create it?

How can mankind understand the intricacies

Of something that transcends his own experience?

God alone is the Lord of life

And God has commanded that human life must be protected from the moment of conception.

The embryo must be cared for as a human life equal to every other human life,

And as a life belonging only to God.

Put not your hands on what God has created!

The world is in great peril due to the consequences of disregarding the sanctity of life.

I have asked my Son to show mercy unto the world

And He has agreed to grant my request if the devotion I give you is honored.

This devotion is to honor the sanctity of life

And to grant mercy to the world.

This is the devotion:

You are to pray this prayer every Sunday from July through October

And to encourage all people to pray this prayer:


“Oh God, Giver of Life,

From the moment of conception

Protect this life

And help us to recognize and guard its sanctity.

From conception, Oh God, we acknowledge

That this life belongs to You

And that to tamper with this life

Is to tamper with Your Holy Plan.

We step back, Oh God, in awe of Your Majesty

And recognize that this life is not ours.

We acknowledge Your Divine Plan for this life

And we remove our hands from Your creation.”


This prayer will be placed on cards

Adorned with a rose and a heart

Because the Mystical Rose brings a love song to the world.

Make this message and this devotion

Known to all people. 

It is the first message regarding the Sanctity of Life.

You will encounter scorn

But be not discouraged

I will be your refuge.

I will direct you to God.


I will meet you again on July 30th at 8pm.

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