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The full message #2 from the Mystical Rose, received 7/30/17 at 8pm, outside St Mark Catholic Church, Argyle/Denton, TX:


Behold the Mystical Rose, and heed my message

I bring you the second message.

In the first message I explained to you

That life begins at the moment of conception

And must be protected from that moment.

In this message I tell you

That dignity and sanctity of life

Also begin at the moment of conception.

When a child is born, there are those in the world

Who would attempt to assign a value to that life

According to whether that child will be able to care for himself

Or live an autonomous life, or whether that child was wanted

But dignity and sanctity are inherent in every life

Because of He who created that life.

Man cannot assign value of a life that belongs to God.

God’s law is inscribed upon every human heart,

And that life has dignity and sanctity from conception through death

As that life is part of God’s creative process,

And God looks always upon His creation and says “It is good.”

You proclaim that the laws of the land are unjust

But the laws reflect the hearts of the people

The people must repent and turn their hearts back to God

And then the laws will be transformed.

Proclaim to the world – Repentance!

Proclaim to the world – Turn your hearts to God!

I have told you that I bring a love song

A love song that includes every life

Tonight I especially sing to the marginalized

To those the world has considered as without value

I ask that you join in this love song

And become a dwelling place for His love.

Proclaim to the Church

That they must set the benchmark for the world

They must put the beacon on a hill

So that the world will know the potential of every life

The Church must sing a love song

To those who are intellectually and developmentally disabled

They must teach inclusion of these and acceptance

So that when the world wonders at the value of a life

And asks whether it is worthy of love

They can look to the Church and say

“That is the way that God loves.

That is the value God gives to life.”

I am asking that the Church set aside the month of February

As a time to celebrate these with special needs

And to recognize the part they play in the body of the Church –

During the month of February, each parish should do the following three things:


1) Hold an event to educate the parish on inclusion of these precious individuals, and also to teach parish members to be an advocate for these individuals and to work to bring the laws of the land into alignment with God’s will.


2) Give a special mass for those with special needs.


3) Say this prayer throughout the month of February:

“Loving God, Our Creator,

Help us to be the voice of those who cannot speak,

The ears of those who cannot hear,

And the eyes of those who cannot see.

Help us to recognize the wholeness rather than the brokenness

Of those with special needs

We acknowledge the dignity and sanctity of each life

Please take away our indifference

And give us new hearts.

Teach us, Oh God, who are made in your image

To act and to love in your image.”


Do these three things so that when the world asks if one life has more value than another, your hearts will know and confirm to the world that there is no difference in the value of one life compared to another. Each life is God’s creation, and it is good.


Go out into the world and cry repentance.

Sing this love song to my children.

I come again on August 30th.

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