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Words of Christ

January 30, 2018

St John Paul II Catholic Church- Adoration Chapel

Denton, TX


Visionary’s notes:


In the adoration chapel at St. John Paul II Catholic Church, another member of the Dry Bones group whispered to me, “I keep hearing this question – ‘How much do I love you?’” He says it could be asked in both directions.  I bowed my head and started praying. 

I saw Jesus standing there at the front, and I heard Him say these words—


Words of Christ:

“That is the question, you know.

How much do I love you?

Beyond every breath you will take in this life,

Beyond every thought that will ever go through your mind,

Beyond every step that you will take on this Earth,

Beyond every dream ever given in all of your nights.


But even then, that does not encompass how I love you.

Because even when there are no more breaths left in your body,

When the spirit has left your body and your mind behind,

And when your feet have ceased to walk and can take you no farther,

And when all the dreams have ceased because reality is the final resting place,

Even then My love will continue.


How much do I love you?

I love you beyond time, beyond space.

I love you to the extent that love can be.

How much do I love you?

I love you as only I can love.

I love you as love flows …

I love you as love means …

I love you as love is ….

Because I am love.


But now ask yourself this question –

How much do I love you?

And answer how much you love Me.


Do you love Me enough to let go?

Do you love Me enough to be still?

Do you love Me enough to wait?


Because true love cannot move forward without the beloved,

True love cannot want without the beloved being the object of that want,

True love cannot hope for anything other than the presence of the one who is loved.


How much do you love Me?

If you are still measuring, it is not enough.

When you can no longer see how much you love Me

Because it defies all measurements and all the boundaries that can be set,

Then you will love Me enough.

When you cannot see where the love starts and where it ends

Because your very existence is about loving Me,

Then it will be enough.”

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