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The full message #7 from the Mystical Rose, received 12/30/17 at 8pm, outside St Mark Catholic Church, Argyle/Denton, TX:


Behold the Mystical Rose.

I bring you the seventh message.

I have brought these messages regarding the sanctity of life

To you over seven months.

I am your Merciful Mother, and I look with compassion on my children.

I have great sorrow for the world as the sanctity of life is violated.

I look at each life, and I have great love for that life,

And when its physical being is extinguished, I weep.

I have brought these messages to call the world to repentance,

To turn them back to my Son,

And to remind the world of the sacred truths they have forgotten.

Dignity and sanctity are inherent in every life.

To remove the dignity and sanctity from that life

By man taking control of that life

And setting parameters on whether that life will be allowed to survive

Is an abomination before God.

The world has been weeping and has become unraveled at the seams.

I bring these messages to dry the tears and to stitch the seams

If man will only heed the things I have said.

The world will experience a transformation.

This transformation will come about through the singing of the love song.

It is love that transforms the world.

But where every life is not considered of value,

Where every life is not seen as precious before God,

Then the love song cannot be sung.

I have given you a prayer to honor the sanctity of life.

This prayer is to be put on prayer cards and distributed throughout the world.

The hearts of His people will be pierced by this prayer,

And the sanctity of life will be realized.

For the love song to be sung,

No life can be ignored

And no life can be counted as less than another.

The Church must show the world

The way that God loves those who the world would ignore.

The love song must be sung so that the marginalized are seen

As flowers in God’s garden, rather than being seen as weeds.

The love song is the song I have sung in every message.

It is the song my Son sang on the cross.

Now, my children, you are called to pick up the strains

And take it forth to the world.

The love song will transform the world.

Hearts will be made new

And the world will turn to my Son

And know His great love and mercy.

This place will be dedicated to the sanctity of life in my honor.

I ask the Church to build a fountain in the shape of a rose

To be placed on the bricks where you sit.

I have given a gift of rose water to be placed in the fountain

When it is built, the fountain will circulate and be self-contained.

No additional water will need to be placed in it or flow into it.

The original rose water will be sufficient and will be self-replenishing.

Go to the Bishop and make this request known.

Henceforward this will be a place

Where love will flow

And healing will take place.

The mercy of the Lord flows out into the world.

Come and receive His mercy

And listen to the love song that is being sung.

You have been faithful to receive these messages.

You have taken them to the Church as requested.

Do not now cease to sing the song I have brought.

It should be sung in a myriad of ways

So that every heart may be able to hear.

Do not skip over any that are placed in your path.

Every heart must hear this song.

There are trials ahead.

Stand firm and do not fail to see the joy

That now surrounds your path.

The six of you are called

To mirror God’s love to the world.

Others in your group will also begin to sing

And like a spark, it will start a fire

That will warm the world.

Know that I will be a refuge in the days ahead

And will sustain you as these things unfold.

Go to the Church and make my requests known.

The world awaits.

The world grows weary; do not tarry.

When the fountain is here,

Many will come and be healed.

They will know the notes of the love song.

I bring you my love.

It is with you always.

Pray the Rosary daily and the prayer of Fatima.

Renew the devotion to my Immaculate Heart.

Take the prayers forth I have given,

And call all men to repentance.

I call all men to my Son.

You must also point the way.


The world teeters on the brink of great calamity.

The love song is sent to pull it back from the edge

And to place the world securely in the arms of my Son.

Take heart.

This will be done.

Do not grow weary.


Those who desire healing may come forth.

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