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The full message #3 from the Mystical Rose, received 8/30/17 at 8pm, outside St Mark Catholic Church, Argyle/Denton, TX:


Behold the Mystical Rose.

I bring the third message.

The world groans under the weight of sins

The mantle begins to crack.

The world feels the hopelessness of the situation

But does not heed the warnings.

Tonight I bring you a love song

But also a song of repentance.

Mankind once built a tower, the Tower of Babel.

It was built to be a gate to God.

It was man’s intention to ascend into heaven

Without the power of God.

But there is no way to ascend into heaven

Without the power of God.

The men believed the lies of Satan

That they could become like God.

Today man again attempts to build a tower,

A tower to man, a tower to his attempts at omniscience.

Mankind says, “Look at me!

I can create human life!”

And mankind shows to the world the process of cloning.

But God looks down and says to man,

“Only I can create a human soul.

Your attempts at creation attempt to thwart my plans

But my plans cannot be thwarted.

You will be confounded and brought low.”

Man says, “Look at me! I can start life without God’s plan!

I can circumvent the process of life

Springing from an act of love between man and woman.

I can create life in a tube, and when some are found by me to be defective,

I will simply eliminate them.”

But God’s plans cannot be changed.

God’s plans cannot be manipulated.

And God’s laws, when ignored, bring swift consequences.


I come to you tonight and I weep.

I weep because you are unable to see that you have set in motion something

That will bring you to your knees and you will cry out for mercy,

But the time will then have passed

And the time of judgment will be upon you.

My children, heed my message.

My children, align yourself with the heart of Jesus and my heart.

Our compassion is great, and we will fold you in our arms.


There is a cloud that looms on your horizon.

It is gathering in the distance.

It is a threat from a source that you have feared.

It is gaining momentum.

This cloud can be avoided

But the time grows short.

The sanctity of life has been trampled in the dirt

And the consequences will be swift and long-acting.

Man says, “Look at me! See what I can do!

I can preserve life. I can enrich life. I can improve life.”

And he shows the process of embryonic stem cell research.

He says, “Yes, some die, but others live.”

But God asks man, “How can you decide who lives and dies?

Were you the one who formed these lives?

Were you the one who inscribed laws upon their hearts?

Were you the one who made dignity and sanctity inherent in each one?”

God demands an answer

And this answer, if not in alignment with His will

And if not in alignment with His law

Will bring man to the ground.

The Church stands firm

As a beacon to the world

Proclaiming the dignity and sanctity of life

But the world tries to drown

The voice of the Church.

All people must take up the Church’s cry

And take it forth to the world.

You are in grave danger, my children.

The tapestry of the world begins to tear.

Heed my words.

Turn your hearts to my glorious Son.

I ask these things of you:


1. Pray the Rosary daily.

2. Call repentance to the world.


3. Wherever human life is counted as naught, wherever human life is denied its sanctity, be a voice to proclaim God’s law.


You go on pilgrimages to holy places

Which is well and good.

I ask you to add another definition to the word pilgrimage.

Make it also a journey to a place that you ask to be made holy.

Go out from your homes.

Visit the places where life is spilled

Where life is given less value

Where life is tampered with,

The places where man attempts to replace the laws of God.

Place a barrier around these places – not a physical barrier, a spiritual barrier – Through your prayers.

Surround each place with prayer

And call upon God’s holy angels

To make a barrier around that place

So that only holy things may be accomplished.

My children, you must go forth and proclaim that life is sacred

In order to avoid the things that are coming.

I sing this love song to you tonight.

I weep for you.

I long for you.

Come to my Son and know Him

Know His great love and mercy

But know also His justice

And heed my warning.


I will meet you again on September 30th.

Go forth my child.

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