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St. Nathaniel

October 3, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon Chapel


As holy men gather soon in Rome,

They will fail to notice the beautiful lady who stands listening outside the door.

But they will nod to her as they file out,

And even those with the hardest hearts will be touched by the love in her eyes,

And the sweetness of her smile.

But oh, they will fail to see that there is fire in her heart, and determination in her step,

For she has listened as the truths her Son spoke are twisted so that they resemble not His words.

This beautiful lady, who will stand outside the door and listen in the days ahead,

Will not leave quietly when the synod is done. 

For again and again, she has brought words of warning,

And again and again, they have been ignored. 

But the time draws near that they will listen

Because there is a stack of stones marked “truth” inside,

And when the bottom stones are pulled out,

Then the stack will tumble, and the stones will land at her feet.

And then she will stand with eyes blazing, for she is Mother of the Church,

And she will utter these words, “No more!”

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