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Words of Mary

October 3, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon Chapel



I walk among you, my children, as you complete your tasks.



Pull tight the bed coverings, and tuck in every corner, and smooth every wrinkle.

When you sleep, you will rest contented, and you will listen to my lullabies,

And be at peace.

But in the coming weeks, you will see that the bed has become soiled,

And tucking in the corners and smoothing out the wrinkles only hide the filth.

For even though the coverings seem white, the bed has been made with dirty hands,

And I will strip the bed of its coverings, and the filth will be seen.

All those with dirty hands will be chastised,

And moved away from the bed,

And I will remake the bed with clean linen.

Then only those with clean hands will be the bed makers.

My Son has given me the task of Mother of His Church, and I carry out this task with love.

But woe to those who have soiled the bed, for they will be sent outside,

For their hands are dirty, and they have soiled holy things,

And great will be their distress.

For they will sleep with the dogs, on beds of straw,

And will no longer have a safe place to rest their heads.

Worry not, my children, your mother will remake the bed, and all will be well.

And angels will stand at the door with swords of steel, and none with dirty hands will be allowed inside.

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