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Guardian Angel

August 3, 2019

Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House

Lake Dallas, TX


Exclusivity is an important word.

Who or what excludes?

No one has the right to exclude but God,

And yet He chooses inclusion.

For all are loved,

All are called,

And all are included.

But here is where it becomes more complex.

Exclusion – inclusion.

For there is truth,

And it exists outside of any perimeters,

Outside of any definitions,

Outside of exclusion and inclusion.

For God is truth.

And when He calls men to Himself in perfect inclusion,

Then men encounter truth,

And if they choose to reject it

Then they experience exclusion.

But because it is of God, it must be accepted as valid.

But no exclusion originating from man is valid.

Exclusion is God’s choice alone.

But when God calls us into exclusion,

We must go.

The fallen have taken hold of these words – exclusion, inclusion,

And offered it to men to be used as vehicles

For self-righteousness, for bigotry, and for hatred,

None of which are from God.

But exclusion which originates in the heart of man leads to all these things.

However, there is an exclusion that is inherent in following the will of God,

For as God calls us unto Himself in perfect inclusion,

All outside His will is excluded,

Because alignment with the will of God

Excludes all outside His will.

And therefore we are called by inclusion

Into the exclusion of God.

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