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Guardian Angel

April 3, 2020



Drops of rain fell upon the earth, and a sound was heard that is seldom audible on earth. It was the weeping of the angels. For the creatures of earth—so dearly loved by God—had wandered so far from Him. And the angels, who were the guardians appointed by God to watch over man, wept that man had ceased to look heavenward and to heed their admonitions. And the angels wondered if the Lord had sorrow that He had made such creatures, as the angels gathered before Him.


But the Lord, in answer to their question, spoke: “No, they are the delight of My heart, and they are the joy of the mother I have given them. I have no sorrow that I have made them, but only sorrow that they have not loved Me as I have loved them, and have obeyed not My laws.”


And the angels spoke: “We know that you love them, but enough to forgive them if they turn from their wicked ways?”  And the Lord answered, “Oh yes, and so much more. Enough that I will call forth the earth and seas, and rain pestilence, plague, and famine upon them to bring them back to Me.”


And the angels were amazed at this. And they returned to earth to plead with man to return to the One who so loved them.


And they wept.

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