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November 28, 2017



Stars collide

Planets spin

Comets streak across the galaxies,

And where is man in the midst

Of such a display of power?


Man stands with head down

Subdued by things he cannot understand

Struggling to understand his place

In a universe of unfathomable wonders

Where he feels swallowed by his own insignificance.


But across the heavens a silver thread

Cast forth by the Lord our God

And carried forth by a multitude

Of His holy messengers

Reaches the place that all men stand.


And His holy messengers proclaim,

"Lift up your head and grasp this silver thread,

For you are made in His image

And Earth is not the final resting place

For children of the Most High."


So look heavenward and pay attention.

See the strands of gossamer

That can be seen only in love's holy light

And know that you cannot be bound by Earth

When you were created to dwell with Him.


In each age He proclaims anew,

"I have created you to rest in Me

And your heart will not be satisfied

Until you have seen My face

And rest securely in My arms."


"So stand up straight," He commands,

"I have claimed you as My own

And there is nothing that can impede the journey

Of those who have known My presence

And who yearn always for My embrace."


Be of good cheer.

The Lord our God is a jealous God

Who desires that all His children return unto Him

And who calls to them with His voice

That they might recognize the sound and heed His call.


Do not avert your gaze

Do not close your ears

Do not stake a claim on this Earth

For angels await to guide you on the path

That will take you safely home.


Do you hear the love song?

It drowns out the collision of stars

It encompasses the planets' orbits

It overtakes the comets' frenzied flights

Until it has reached the heart of every man.


Such love is impossible for man to fathom

But know that it nonetheless exists.

This is the love song that was sung at creation

And that our Lord sung upon the cross

And that rolled forth as a mighty crescendo at His resurrection.


It cannot be silenced!

Open your ears and listen!

Can you hear it?

It is the sound of His love for a hurting world.

He sends it forth in a multitude of ways.


Listen carefully.

It flows from the heart of Jesus

And from the heart of Mary

To the heart of each man.

Listen! It is calling you home!

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