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Words of Mary

July 27, 2019

Loreto House Pregnancy Resource Center Adoration Chapel

Denton, TX

In the hush of the night, men pause and listen,

But they know not what it is that they are expecting,

But in the hush they listen, and they wait.

But eventually they go back to the noise and clamor of their nighttime world.

But you know what it is for which they listen.

It is the voice of their mother, for I have been whispering to them all their lives.

I have soothed their brows, I have kissed their cheeks,

And I have sung them lullabies in the night.

But men have become hardened, and their ears are full of wax,

And they brush away my kisses,

And throw back the blanket I have tenderly tucked around them.

But still in the night, when the world is silent, they listen for a moment

For there is a distant memory in their minds of a mother’s voice,

A hand on their brow, and a kiss on the cheek.

And when the night is cold, they long for the warm blanket I tucked around them.

For there are things outside that cause men to grow restless.

They are uneasy for there is a pervading sense of doom,

And they know not from where it comes or what has changed. 

But the fallen who have walked to and fro in the world,

Tainting all that is holy and turning men away from God,

Have taken the battle to the doors of His Church,

And by finding those who have become weak,

And who have forsaken their first love,

They have charmed them and dazzled them with worthless things

That they have made to look like gold,

And they have found that the doors were opened a crack,

And that is all the room that demons need to slide inside. 

In the halls of the Church they have roamed,

But they have shown not their true selves,

But instead have paraded through the halls as bearers of goodwill and unity.

And the men inside have said, “Yes, it is a new day, and indeed we need a new way.”

But the truth of the Lord varies not.  It is the same always.

And even in a new day, there is only one right way, and that is the way of the Lord.

But men wake in the night,

And although they are accustomed to the evil of the world,

Having walked alongside it for so long,

They recognize something even more sinister is afoot.

For the very foundation of truth is being assaulted,

And the very sanctity of life is being attacked,

And when the devil is roaming through the Lord’s holy Church,

Then the world begins to tremble,

For the preparations for a battle such as has never been seen are underway.

But it is night, and it is silent, and men pause just for a moment.

You must go forth and tell them –

“It is your mother’s voice for which you are listening!  Do not turn away!

Listen a little longer, and you will hear her voice.

You will hear her whisper on the breeze.  You will feel her hand wipe your brow.

You will feel her kiss upon your cheek.

And you will be warm and snug in the blanket she will tuck around you.

And she will sing you songs of truth,

And you will learn of Him who is truth in her stories.

And then when you wake, you will go forth as soldiers,

And you will know which banner you will march under

For she will direct you to Him who will make all things right.”

Men listen at night for there is a hush in the air,

But hearing no sound, they turn back to the clamor of the night.

But tell them to wait!  To listen a while longer!

Their mother is whispering to them.

They have not forgotten her voice and will recognize it if they only listen.

There is a great battle coming, but men will not be confused and full of unrest

If they will but walk with their mother.

For she carries a light that shines through the darkest night,

And penetrates the deepest fog,

And the light always illuminates the path to the one that they seek.

There is a battle coming, but your mother is near. 

Rest in my embrace. 

For although I may not look like a soldier, demons tremble in my presence,

And with me you are safe.


Your mother is calling!  Keep listening until you hear her!

Then walk into my arms.  There you will be safe.

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