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St. John the Baptist

July 26, 2017

St. Mark Main Church


The Mystical Rose comes on July 30th at 8pm.
She brings a love song to the world.


The four of you are charged with
Protecting the message
And delivering it to those in His Church
Who can take the message to the world.
It is well for His priest to be present.
Gather in the circle outside St Mark
And sit on the benches there

Where you want
Come forward when you are called
To receive the message.


Be faithful in these things.
The world flounders in pain.
Jesus has felt their pain.
And sends His Mother
To sing this song.
She has a message to change their hearts
And to gather them back to her Son.


My daughter, you will be given strength.
Do not cry.
His love will surround you
His mercy will flow over you
You are loved.

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