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St. Nathaniel

February 26, 2019

St. Mark Chapel


There is smoke within the halls of His Church,

And the movement of the Spirit is hindered.

There are sentinels who guard the shepherds,

But these guards see not that the ones they guard

Have transformed into wolves,

For their outward appearance has remained the same.

The true shepherds have left the halls

For there they could not breathe

And could not hear His voice.

But they stand ready to return

When the smoke is cleared.

The guards offer these shepherds no protection

For they guard the wolves,

And the wolves have moved these shepherds to the foot of the table.

But His angels will clear the smoke

So that the guards will recognize the wolves

In the light of the Spirit.

Fear not.

The cries of His sheep will not be ignored.

When He speaks the true shepherds hear His voice,

And when they call to the sheep,

The sheep will answer.

Behold the movement of the Spirit

For it comes gentle as a dove,

But gathers the force of a mighty wind

And performs a righteous work.

Who then can stand in this wind?

The smoke will be swept away.

The wolves will be exposed

And will be cast into the darkness.

Then He will call the real shepherds to the head of the table.

Have courage.

The Lord’s words are a mighty sword,

And no man who goes against Him can stand.

Woe to the wolves

For they have tainted the holiness of the halls

And have left their stench within the walls.

But I bring words of encouragement to His sheep

For they will not be left unprotected.

He has called the true shepherds to prepare

For they will be called back to tread in holy halls,

And His sheep will rejoice.

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