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Words of Mary

February 26, 2019

St. Mark Chapel


There is joy and love that are born in heaven

And overflow onto the world

Bringing His mercy and His grace.

My words have been given to the world

That their hearts might be prepared

To receive this mercy and grace.

My words are a vehicle

In which these things are carried forth into the world.

But oh my children,

Where are these words?

For I have looked with love upon your pain and brokenness

And have enveloped you in my love,

But my words have been pushed aside,

And my children are in despair.

You have gathered my words

And have placed them in the hands of shepherds.

They will be brought forth,

And my children shall be comforted. 

The world grows dark,

And the Church has been wounded.

But be at peace.

For my words will go forth,

And my love will encircle my children,

And they will turn to my Son.

Mercy and love will be the dwelling place of His sheep.

The shepherds will speak His words,

And my words will go forth upon the earth.


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