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Words of Mary

December 26, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon chapel


There is a time to sit in silence before Him and listen,

A time when lips should be sealed and hearts open.

There is a time to sit with open ears and to listen

So that not a word that He speaks is missed.

But then upon receiving His words,

Shall you tuck them away and keep them folded against your breast

As the winds blow outside the doors,

And men are swept away?

Unfold the words and carry them forth

For the people cannot stand in the winds that are coming

Without the shelter of His words.

Oh my children, I have spoken again and again,

But men found my words to be as pins that pricked them,

And they sought comfort,

And therefore they drew back from the words that had been given.

But my Son, in His mercy,

Has sent me again and again,

But still the people recoil from my words.

Today my Son speaks,

And He has words for the shepherds He has called.

Will you fold these words also against your breast

For fear that they will not be accepted by the shepherds?

These must go forth,

For indeed the silence of the shepherds will not be pardoned.

Therefore, they must be warned.

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