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Words of Christ

December 26, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon chapel


I came into the world and was cradled in the womb of My Mother.

Therein was a bed of purity and love,

And there I was nurtured until the night I was called forth into the world.


In love and mercy for the world, My birth was planned and brought forth,

For only in a King becoming a pauper could paupers be given a share in the kingdom.


I came into the world, and I dwelled among men, and men saw Me as one of them,

And missed the ring upon My finger and the golden cord around My waist that testified of My royal blood.


Before I left to return to My throne, I put into place the vehicle by which mankind could also gain a royal title, and therefore come into the kingdom and dwell with Me.


The keys of My kingdom on earth were given to one called, 

And these keys, although of an earthly nature, were sealed in My blood,

And therefore when I took up my life again to return to My throne,

Those keys became also the keys to the heavenly kingdom,

And the gates of hell could not destroy these keys or remove them from the earth.


Through the ages in sundry ways, the fallen have attacked My Church,

And now they have crept into every place where they have found an opening

Because of the shepherds who no longer seek My face.


But oh, I have come to call to My shepherds to remind them of what they have been called to guard, and to proclaim to them once again, “The silence of My shepherds will not be pardoned.”


Go forward and take My mother’s words to My people.

Go forward and take My words to My shepherds.

Do not say that you do not know where to go, for drops of blood mark the path.

Follow the trail of blood and thereby will you know the path I call you to walk,

But be aware that those who follow this path of blood must be willing to offer their own blood also, for this is the path of the martyrs, and only martyrs are allowed to walk it.


I call you forth. 

I call you to proclaim these words—

“The silence of My shepherds will not be pardoned.”

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