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Words of Christ

June 26 – June 28, 2019

St. Mark Chapel

I have poured out My love for mankind, but they have rejected My love.  I have invited them to dwell in My wounds so that they might know the depth of My pain and so that they might see how they continue to wound Me.  But they turn their faces from Me for they desire comfort instead.

I cry unto My people to return to their first love, to the One who loved them first, even before they were created.  I loved them not because of who they are, but because of who I am, and therefore My love is secure and unconditional.  I love because I choose to love, and I choose to love because I am love.  And I invite men unto My wounds so that they might know My love.  Behold My Sacred Heart, pierced by the sins and the ingratitude of men. 

Today I look with sorrow upon My wounded Church.  My Church flows forth as living water from My Sacred Heart.  If My people will return to My Sacred Heart and dwell therein, then shall My Church be healed.  I call to My people to offer prayers and to offer penance for the evil that has been allowed to infiltrate My Church.  I am a merciful God, but I am also a just God, and the blood of your brothers cries out to Me.  Shall you turn your head and close your eyes and ears while they perish? 

I cry to My Church. I cry to the world.

I came into the world and took on flesh that I might cover your humanity with My divinity.  This could only be accomplished by One who was fully man and fully God.  Therefore, I loved the world as both man and God.  In My humanity, I loved you with a human heart.  But in My divinity, that human heart is a saving heart.  Therefore the heart I offer you is a Sacred Heart, fully human and fully divine, and if you will come unto Me, I will cover you with My Sacred Heart.

My Church came forth from My heart of love.  The world was consecrated to My Sacred Heart, and My Church was called to turn to My Sacred Heart.  If My Church will offer prayers and penance to My Sacred Heart for the evil that has penetrated her halls then shall I pour out grace upon My people.  I will cleanse My Church, and holiness will be restored to the halls.

The burning rays of My heart will warm hearts that have become cold and will rekindle the faith of My people.  My heart shows the love that I share with the Father and the Holy Spirit and that love flows out onto mankind.  My heart proclaims this love and is a witness of the redemption of man which is a testimony of this love. 

My Mother spoke to you of the moment when My heart stopped beating and then beat again.  But never was My Divinity interrupted for I am the Lord, and I took on humanity and laid down My life for the salvation of man, and I alone could take it up again at will, ensuring that you also would live again.

Consecrate yourselves to My Heart by dying to yourself and coming to live in Me.  Then shall you be comforted in the perilous times ahead, and grace in abundance will cover you.  And your names will be written in My Heart.



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