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An Angel of the Lord

November 25, 2019

St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church Chapel


There is a disturbance in the air.

There is an edge to the breeze.

There is a shrillness to the voices.

And there is doubt in the prayers.

This comes not from God,

For in His presence there is peace

And the breeze is cool and fresh

And the voices speak with reverence

And the prayers are carried by angels to the throne.

From where comes this disturbance

And how does it touch the place where you sit?

For adorers are accosted on their way inside the Church

And unseen obstacles trip them as they walk through the door.

This unrest comes from things in the Church being moved that should never be moved.

It comes from blasphemies against that to which is owed all honor and reverence.

It comes from those who have been charged with protecting treasures given

But who have sold them for thirty pieces of silver.

These things cannot be moved.

These things cannot be dishonored.

These things cannot be left unprotected

And the world still sit in silence and in peace.

Listen!  Do you hear the sound?

What should greet your ears tonight is the sound of what approaches always at this time of the year,

For it is the sound of the coming of the Baby.

But as you listen, instead of bells, you hear ominous groaning.

Instead of a star in the sky, you see falling debris.

Instead of the smell of frankincense and myrrh, you smell a burning world.

And instead of the coziness of shelter on a winter night,

The wind chills your bones.

For there is no room for the Baby

As men have filled their hearts with the things of the world

And their hands are full with that which they treasure above Him.

But the time draws near for the arrival of the Baby

And God will prepare a place for His arrival

By clearing away everything that is in the way.

The Baby comes!

But there is no room in the inn

And woe to the world that has left no room for Him,

For the Father will clear a place for the Son

And much will be the sorrow of those who are swept up in the destruction.

All you must arise, and come to this holy place

And pray for the Lord to spare men from the destruction that is to come.

And the Lord will smile on those in the Holy Place

And place His angels around them to keep them safe.

But oh what calamity will occur outside the doors,

For the Savior comes

And there is no room for Him.

And the Father commands the angels to make room for the Child,

And this they will do with lightning and fire and swords of steel.

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