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Guardian Angel

December 25, 2019


How could there not be room for a baby?

A baby is such a small thing;

He will not take up much room at all.

And yet, men proclaim, “There is no room.”

In the meantime, men invite in countless other things

And the world becomes so crowded that men struggle to take a breath.

And they perform countless maneuvers to make room for what they invite in.

Oh, if they could only see that the baby will not make the world more crowded,

For He is the One who comes and clears the way.

He is the One who comes and moves everything into place.

There is always room for the baby.

And without Him, men will perish for want of a breath of air

As the things of the world crush them on either side.

Then will men realize that even in the crowding, their hearts were empty

And they will welcome the baby,

And these hearts will be full

For there is always room for the baby,

And without Him, there is no room at all.

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