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Words of Christ

November 24, 2019

Tyler, TX

My kingdom is not of this world, but indeed it encompasses this world. For my kingdom has no borders, and there is no territory that lies outside my reign.

I survey my holy city, the Church, today and I find that many of those who are called to declare My kingdom to the world have no loyalty to Me or to My kingdom. They instead declare the supremacy of the world which I created. But how can the subjects of the King usurp the reign of the King?

I was mockingly given the title of King at my crucifixion, but what was given in jest rang out as truth, for not only am I King of the Jews, I am King of the Universe, and not only am I King of death, I am King of life.

It is not man who assigns this title, but rather God who defines this title, and who gives it unto Himself. Therefore, I am the One who has defined this title, and I am the One who has bestowed this title, and I am the One who has assumed this title.

Today My Church seeks to define My kingship and then to encase Me in that definition, thereby dethroning Me. It has always been a tactic of the ungodly to seek to dethrone Me, but now My Church also adopts this tactic. But the authority of My Church arises from the validity of My kingship, and therefore the attempt of My Church to dethrone Me is an attempt at self-annihilation. The Church looks to the world for a king, the very place from which I have delivered it.

The heart of My Church is divided, and when I survey My Church, I see a faithless heart. My Church must again recognize My kingship and bow before their King, or the vines of the world will begin to choke the harvest of My kingdom. And then will the King, in a mighty display of power not yet seen, cut away the vines and restore the harvest.

The heart of My Church is full of idolatry. When I speak, My people hear not My voice, but instead bow before graven images that cannot speak. But My throne is forever, and My kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and My dominion endureth forever.

Today in My Church, sin is seen as a sickness or as a weakness for which man has the cure. And prophets of holiness who call the people to repentance have been proclaimed doomsayers and harsh judges. But sin is an effort to dethrone the King and to take other rulers in His place, and no cure will be effective if I am not on the throne.

Today My Church must boldly declare My kingship and proclaim that I alone am King. If My Church continues to obscure or distort the truths of My Kingdom, and to redefine the terms of My Kingship, then great will be the punishment. For no man may share the throne of God, and no man called to represent the King may speak his own words in place of the King’s decrees.

Any nation that defies God will reap great tribulation, but woe to My Church who has held not the flag of the kingdom where the nations could see it and be fortified. And woe to the shepherds in my Church who have not proclaimed My kingship to my sheep. For all authority is mine, but the shepherds have failed to proclaim My omnipotence and the surety of My every spoken word, and their silence cries out to Me.

I am the King of Kings! Yes, I am love, but it is a holy love, a just love, and a sovereign love. I call My people to Me in love, but I call them to acknowledge My Kingship, and to come forth on bended knee.

My Church must proclaim to all nations that I am King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And My Church must embrace My Kingship and bow before My throne.

Behold the King of Kings, the Savior of the world!

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