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Words of Christ

March 24, 2020



I sent you a message,

But you did not hear it.

For you were frantically running place to place

And your spirit was struggling even to remember Me

In the activities of your daily life.

So I sent you a message,

And then I moved My hand

And the world became quiet,

And then you heard Me speak.

You cried out to Me for mercy

But you did not see

That therein was My mercy—

That the world stood still

And you heard My voice.

You thought yourself forsaken,

But I am the shepherd who leaves not His sheep.

But I had sent you a message,

And you did not hear it,

So therefore I silenced the world

That you might hear.

You cry out that you are beset by trouble

And you plead for mercy,

But I have granted you mercy

By silencing the world.

For now you can hear My voice,

And I have a message for you that you must hear.

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