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Words of Christ

January 24, 2018

St. Mark Chapel


Note: This message was the first message the visionary received from Christ.  She was in the adoration chapel of St. Mark and she initially recorded her thoughts in her journal.  Christ then came to her and she recorded His words to her.


Visionary’s Words:

I sit here in the adoration chapel.  Your fragrance drenches me.  The essence of You envelops me. 

Your presence is tangible.  I can reach out my hand and touch You. 

I have no desires, no thoughts, no plans.

All that I am comes to rest in You. 

An angel arrives and takes my breath away.  I do not know him. 

One of the higher choirs I suppose – cherubim, seraphim?

Two wings are quite majestic, but I see at least six.

His wings look like gold – no mere feathers for him.

He does not take note of my presence.  He notes only Christ, and there he worships. 

In his presence there is peace.  In his presence is felt the love of God.

He worships.  He adores.  I am called to do the same. 

He breathes – he moves – he looks,

And every breath, every movement, every look is worship. 

He calls me to worship.  I must adore. 

Grace flows over me.  It takes my breath away. 

What a wondrous gift, and who am I to receive it?  Yet the Lord wills it, so I receive.

I have no name here.  I have no will here.  I have no plans here. 

I am swallowed in His will.  His plans are mine.  I can recall only His name. 

I adore You.  I love You.  I kneel before You.  I offer my thanksgiving and my praise.

There is another angel here now.  His features are beyond human understanding. 

He sees all without looking.  He encompasses all without moving his head.

Yet his seeing comes from beyond him. 

It is God who gives him vision.  It is God who gives him knowledge.

There is a vibration to his being.  Is it that he shutters?  Is it that he trembles?

Or perhaps it is just that he stands in the frequency of the divine.

He has no eyes but for the Lord, and yet he sees all through the sight given him by the Lord.

Lord, I tremble in the presence of Your holy creatures. 

I am unworthy to be here, and yet You have called me forth.

And now my gaze shifts, and I see You standing there.

I must cease writing!  I must simply behold! 

You ask me to write Your words, but I cannot write in Your presence,

I must simply behold and adore.

But You ask me to write Your words, and I cannot refuse You anything.

So I again pick up my pen.


Words of Christ:

I have given you a rose garden.  I have provided soil, water and sunshine.

Tend My garden.

I have given you a rose garden.  I have provided seeds, instructions and nourishment.

Tend My garden.

I have given you a rose garden.  It will grow as you offer praise and adoration.

Tend My garden.

It is not given to you to know this path through the garden alone.

It is not given to you to know what the roses need.

They cannot grow outside of Me.

Tend my garden.

The messages from My Mother are nourishment for My roses,

But their roots must be anchored firmly in Me, or they cannot thrive.

My Mother points the way to Me. 

My Mother’s heart implores you to come to Me and know My love.

Then go and tend My garden.

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