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St. John the Baptist

September 23, 2017

Work office



The quaking of the world can be felt

As hearts draw back from God

And are sealed shut.

The Mystical Rose comes with a love song

To remove the seals

And open the hearts to her Son.

Come with thanksgiving and love

And receive the gift that is to be given—

A message of love, healing, and restoration.

Difficult days are ahead

And mankind begins to lose hope

And the world seems dark.

But look!  There is a light!

It comes forth and begins to spread!

Take heart!  Listen to the love song!

Receive this message on the appointed date

At the same appointed time

In the same appointed place.

The six of you are called to be present, along with His priests.

Bring forth your gifts and offer them to His glory

And sing this love song to the world.

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