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St. Anthony of Padua

October 23, 2019

Santa Maria Mediatrice dei Francescani

Rome, Italy


Behold this child.

He is the Christ child, given to man for their salvation.

Behold this child.

He who is all things became a child, tender and vulnerable to the world.

But never did He release His divinity, but instead held it tightly in His hand as a baby,

And there it stayed throughout His mortal life.

For of what use to man was a man who could not save,

And of what use to man was a God who could not die?

For both were required in order to save mankind.

Behold this child.

He is tender and vulnerable, and one day He will be pierced and will die.

But oh behold this child, and see what He holds in His hand, for it is His divinity,

And because of that, He will save the very world that crucifies Him.

Behold this child.

Show Him to the world.

For indeed He is our only hope.

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