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Words of Christ

April 23, 2019

St. Mark Chapel


Again and again I have called you, and again and again you have heard My voice.  You have walked with Me in the morning, and have walked with Me at night.  You have adored Me in the chapel, and have sat with Me at the park.  My voice is the first voice that you remember.  Never have you been too far from Me to hear My voice, although at times you have shut your ears to Me.  I have called you to Me to suffer with Me on the cross, and willingly you have opened your hands and received My wounds.  I have called you to participate in My plan.  I have sent My Mother unto you with words for the world.  Do you see what marvelous treasures these words are that you carry?  The world is broken, and My compassion is great, and I desire these words to go out into the world.  I have given words to you for My Church, for wolves have removed My shepherds from the head of the table, and My people cry out, but their voices are unheard.  These words reach the ears of the wolves, and they move to hide these words and to attack those who carry them.  In the past, you have accepted this plan to which you were called, but the world has intruded into this plan, and at times you have stepped off the path, and I have found you in the meadow picking daisies.  But I have given you a guardian who never sleeps, and she has watched your every step, and has brushed the daisies from your hair, and has sent you back to Me.  Now is the time that the plan becomes more visible and in this time must your single-mindedness be apparent, for you must stand always with open ears and open hands before Me.  No more shall you be found in the meadows.  Always shall you be found before Me, for I have called you from the time I formed you, and you are Mine.  The things of the world surround you, and they cry for your attention.  You are in the world, but not of the world, and even in the midst of earthly things, your eyes must see always My face.  Angels cajole and the one sent to direct chastises, but still you wander into the meadow.  But this must be no more.  You will find no solace outside of Me.  I have crucified you with Me, and have nailed you to the cross, and now you abide in Me and find that I am everything.  Wander not from Me again, for I have called you and sealed you for this work, and this work will now unfold.  You are called to holiness.  You are called to Me.  As you were told as a child, you have been called to the holy place.  Take off your shoes and stand before Me.  For I am the Lord, and I have called you by name.

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