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Words of Mary

March 22, 2020



My children are desolate.

Everywhere the sound of weeping is heard.

My children are inconsolable,

And their gaze is cast down.

But oh my children,

Your mother has come with words for you again and again,

And though you heeded not her words,

She is still near.

If you will look up, you will see

That your mother is here with comfort for her children.

I have called to you again and again

To turn back to my Son.

I have called to you again and again

That the cries of the babies have reached my ears.

But you have not listened.

My children, the rope of justice descends upon the world

And the hand of my Son will not be stayed.

But your mother will wrap you in her mantle

If you will but look up and see that she is near.

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