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Words of Christ to His Mother

July 22, 2019

At Cross Ministries Stations of the Cross- 4th Station

Groom, Texas


Woman, you are my Mother.

You were chosen for Me, and I was chosen for you.

I fit perfectly in your womb, and you fit perfectly in My heart.

You and I were in every sense a match that was made in Heaven.

You were chosen and given every grace, for it was your womb that would provide a cradle

For the One who would bestow Heaven’s grace on the world.

In purity you walked, in devotion you prayed, and in silence you listened.

For you were being prepared for Me.

You are My Mother. 

You were chosen for Me, and I was chosen for you.

You are the rose, and you are the loveliest in the garden.

Among all women you are the most blessed and holy.

I was sent to mankind and as a man I was born, and in the womb of a woman I was conceived,

But it was the Holy Spirit that was your spouse, so that in perfection I would dwell in your womb

For I was both human and divine. 


You are My Mother.  I am your Son.

And the day you knelt by Me and tried to touch Me as I was falling under the weight of the cross,

In your eyes was the anguish of your soul and the pain of a breaking heart.

Oh Mother, how I wished I could comfort you, but looking at you I knew

That all the love and purity of your heart, along with the sorrow and the grief,

Would combine to make you the perfect Mother for the world.

You are My Mother, and you grieved for your Son.

But looking into your eyes, I thought of all those who needed a Mother,

And I knew they would find one in you,

And because of your sorrow in losing Me, you would be able to comfort the world.


You are my Mother.  I am your Son. 

But oh Mother, when you said yes, you opened your hands, and this was what the Father desired that you should have.

Oh Mother, when I said, “Thy will be done,” to the Father, I opened My hands, and this is what the Father desired for Me.

And now the Father and the Holy Spirit and the Son, one God,  pour forth love upon the world.

And you, Mother, became the cradle of love, for you have held the One who is love in your womb.

And now you are the one who displays that love to the world.


You are My Mother.  I am your Son.

Do not weep, My Mother, for look at all these other children I have given you who need a Mother.

You are My Mother.  I, who am love, was loved by you. 

And in that love, men were touched by you in your humanity and Me in My divinity, and the way of redemption was seen.


Weep not, My Mother.  For I am your Son, but I am also the Lord of the universe.

Weep not, woman.  For you are My Mother.  But you are also the Mother of the world.

In this you are complete, and your perfection covers the world with blessings and waters it with grace.


Weep not, Mother.

The Lord is with you.

And He is your Son.

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