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Words of Mary

February 22, 2019

St. Mark Chapel

How blessed are the messengers

Who carry my Son’s words to His Church

The storms will be unleashed

And great will be the fury of those whose sins have been exposed

But be of comfort

For I will place my mantle over you

And enclose you in my arms

And hell will find no entry in which to disturb your slumber.

For His Holy Church has been infiltrated by those who love Him not

And who have no love for His sheep

And they have become an abomination before Him.

His words must go forth

For His words are a mighty sword

Wherewith to cleanse His Church.

Fear not.

You are in the arms of your Mother

And she will allow no evil to touch you.

My Son is merciful,

But He is also just,

And the sins of the shepherds

Demand justice

And His arm will no longer be stayed.

Blessed are those who carry His words

For they are encircled by angels

And this army shall not be defeated.

Be of comfort.

The hand of justice will not smite the messengers.

They shall be blessed.

I have placed my mantle over you.

I have placed my kiss upon your cheek.

Be at peace.

Your Mother walks with you

And demons flee.

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