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Words of Mary

August 22, 2019

St. Mark Chapel


I call to my children.

My words echo across continents, across oceans, and even across years.

My words call my children to my Son.

The world is fractured and bleeding,

For it has been wounded by the sins of the people,

And it shakes and burns and floods.

And still I call to my children.

My words bring healing and hope if my children will listen,

But their eyes and ears are closed,

And they hear not my voice.

The fallen walk to and fro across the earth,

And finding the doors of the Church unguarded,

They have entered and made themselves at home.

They attack all who speak truth, and cloud men’s minds

So that men silence truth and embrace unholy things.

The fallen lay siege to one who carries my words,

And take her along a crooked path

So that my words might be seized and cast aside.

But my words will be protected,

And I will reach out and pull the one who carries my words unto me

And the fallen will flee.

These are dark times upon the earth,

And the darkness has crept into the Church and obscured the truth.

But my words are a light in the darkness,

And they will burst forth although men attempt to hide them away.

I have called soldiers from among my children to protect this work,

And they will stand firm and not bend in the wind. 

My Son’s Church will be cleansed,

And my words will cover the earth like a healing rain,

And the darkness will be swept away. 

The Church will be called back to holiness,

And my words will be embraced.

But oh my children, there will be much sorrow before this occurs.

Send out a warning.

Call to all people to repent and turn to the Lord.

My Immaculate Heart calls to my children.

Come to my heart and see the wounds, and find refuge within,

For my wounds reflect the wounds of my Son

So that all might turn their eyes to the cross

And behold the Savior of the world.

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