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Words of Mary

May 21, 2019

St. Mark Chapel

My children, I have brought my words again and again to help heal the brokenness and to point all men to my Son.  My words stand out like staccato notes in time, sharp intrusions into that moment of time.  If you look back upon times past, you will see my words, for when they were spoken, the world was changed.  But oh, what men have missed is the golden cord of mercy that connects all of the words that I have spoken, and it’s only in seeing this cord that the plan of God is revealed.  For my words are spoken, and men pick out a handful, and the rest remain.  And again and again, each time I come, my words are picked over and those that do not require great change in the hearts of men are selected and brought forth, while the others are tucked away.  But look upon the cord of mercy that connects them all, for this cord reveals the intricate nature and the interweaving of all my words.  And only by seeing them all is God’s plan of mercy revealed.  And only by seeing and observing all I have said, will God’s mercy be granted.  You are custodians of new words from me but you see that these do not stand alone, for they also are connected by the cord of mercy.  The Church reveres my words when they know them to be true but the wolves in the halls attempt to obscure the truth.  But this is His Holy Church and truth will again burst forth, and the wolves will be slain and piled outside the door.  God is a God of mercy and so He has created a golden cord of mercy, and on this cord are a multitude of words for mankind.  But these words have been disregarded, and the cord of mercy is worn and it is now replaced by a rope of justice.  Oh my children, you will now behold the justice of God.  I weep for mankind, but they recognized not the treasures they were given.  Have courage my children, the days grow dark, but I am near and I will light your path.  You will see the cord of mercy withdrawn, and the rope of justice will fall from the sky, and on this rope are all the warnings of the prophets and the words of the Lord.  Have courage my children, you will be spared, but great will be the sorrow of the world.

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