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Words of Christ

February 21, 2019

Our Lady of Lebanon Chapel

My Church is a holy Church

My people are a holy people

But the devil has roamed freely through the halls of My Church

And the people have forgotten My name.

There is a gathering of those I have called

And they petition Me to turn My face upon them

And to cleanse My Church.

But their words are empty

For they have not protected that which I have given them to protect

And they have made their beds with the devil.

How then shall they petition a Holy Lord

When there is deceit and sin within their hearts?

I see their faces uplifted to Me

But within their hearts is a darkness

That is a barrier to My grace.

How then shall the Church be cleansed?

But listen, what is the sound that reaches your ears?

It is a gentle wind that caresses and soothes.

This is indeed what those who are gathered hope

That a gentle breeze will flow over the Church

And leave undisturbed those who tread through the halls.

But alas for them, this will not be

For the wind will become a hurricane

Such as the Church has never seen

And few will be left standing in the force of the winds

For today I call for an accounting from My church.

Today I call for those whose protection was ordained

But which has not been found.

For My sheep cry out

But find no protection against the wolves.

There is a wind stronger than has ever been seen

That will blow upon this Church

And none except those who have not forgotten their first love

Will be able to stand

For I have called forth my holy angels

And they come with swords of steel

And as a force that cannot be stopped.

Oh how foolish that you would feel helpless in the face of this evil.

Where is the one who can stand in the wrath of the Lord?

For they will be smitten

And My Church will once again be a holy place

Where evil finds no entry.

But where are you?

Roll call has started.

Will you fail to take your place?

You think the spark you carry is insignificant

But indeed it is My words that you carry

And how then shall the Church not be moved?

And how then shall the devil stay within her halls when I speak?

For My words will go forth like a sword

And by My words will all be called to repentance

And woe to those with ears

Who do not listen.

There is a gentle breeze in Rome today

And those who gather relax and talk in gentle tones

But oh there are clouds gathering on the horizon

And winds of a magnitude that they cannot imagine

Are on the way.

Rome gathers and smiles.

But soon Rome disperses and weeps

For the winds of My Spirit will leave no evil in the halls of My Church.

Pray for My mighty justice to come forth

For I have called for an accounting

And great will be the sorrow of those who do not listen.

This indeed is My Holy Church.

This indeed is the place where My holy people dwell.

All that is unclean beware!

And those who have suffered will be consoled

And those who have been wounded will be healed.

Their pain has reached My heart

And I will take them into my arms

And give them peace.

But woe to those by whom their pain has come

For they have wounded My sheep

And have tainted the halls of My Holy Church

With their filth.

But listen!

The winds are coming!

Answer the roll call.

Speak My words to them!

For by My words they will be slain.

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